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Closing Costs Across the Bay Area: Who Pays What?

As you’ve likely heard, real estate tends to be very local – aka, it’s done a little bit differently (and the norms can also be different), depending on where you are buying or selling. The good news is that our team works really (I mean, REALLY!) hard to work across most areas in the Bay! This is not a “traditional” approach. Many agents have an old-time view that you “shouldn’t cross a bridge.” *Sigh!*

California, long winding road

Hidden gems you should visit this Spring

Last year at this time, California blogger and vlogger Josh McNair was getting nervous. He had poured nearly a decade of time and energy into his travel website, California Through My Lens, along with its accompanying YouTube channel. And five years before, those successful ventures had allowed him to leave his e-commerce day job. But around the same time the pandemic was closing all things travel, McNair and his wife Amie learned they were having twins.

He held on tight, went hiking when and where possible, and created a lot of new content about outdoors adventures near his home in Riverside. McNair’s son Jack and daughter Sunny were born in August, and as Californians have gotten back on the road this year, the demand for his travel expertise, and beautiful photographs and videos has come back in full force.

2021 kitchen trends: What’s hot and what’s not

From increasing functionality to chef-worthy appliances and outdoor cooking spaces, kitchens were an integral part of homeowners’ coronavirus-induced renovation frenzy this year.

With 2021 here, homeowners and homebuyers alike are revising their kitchen wish lists to reflect the freshest trends in flooring, appliances, lighting and much more. Here are the top five trends that will most likely be on your clients’ wish list:

11 Must-Buys for the Healthiest Work From Home Life in 2021

For those of us who worked in an office building, our nine-to-five lives changed in March. That’s when COVID-19 sequestered us into our homes and apartments to do what we once did in offices. Our kitchen tables quickly turned into makeshift desks, while our bookshelves became background we didn’t know we needed for Zoom calls. But now that we’re almost a year (!) into this pandemic, perhaps it’s time to commit a bit more to our home workspaces. So why not make your life a little easier in the new year by investing in your home office setup? While our recommendations include a stylish standing desk and what we believe to be the best office chair on the market, we also leaned into those products that will help you relax during one of the most stressful epochs of our lifetime. Here’s to a happier (and healthier) 2021, starting with you living your best work from home life.

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