Want to Know How to Get Top Dollar for your House?

living area after renovation

Our goal is simple: Spend as little money as possible to:

    • Get the best possible price for your home
    • And get prospective buyers to an easy and fast “yes” (because time is money!)

So, what improvements are best? And, how much will they be?

Well, let’s look at our latest listing…

paint in the living area before and after

single-handedly, the best roi

Cost of interior paint: ~$11k

the kitchen area before and after

The highest ROI rooms are the kitchen and primary bathroom

Cost, incl. appliances: ~$5k

curb appeal and landscaping before and after

Increasingly more important since Covid

Landscaping, incl. irrigation: ~$6500

flooring before and after

Hardwood flooring can bring 200-300% ROI!  

Cost: ~$5000

especially when there is carpet in the bathroom before and after
light fixtures before and after

A cheap and super easy change for an immediate impact!

Cost: ~$500 (for all fixtures in the house!)


130 Chula Vista Dr
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