Closing Costs Across the Bay Area: Who Pays What?

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As you’ve likely heard, real estate tends to be very local – aka, it’s done a little bit differently (and the norms can also be different), depending on where you are buying or selling. The good news is that our team works really (I mean, REALLY!) hard to work across most areas in the Bay! This is not a “traditional” approach. Many agents have an old-time view that you “shouldn’t cross a bridge.” *Sigh!*
Well, not us! Because the reality is: That is just NOT what works best for YOU – our customers! Sooo many of our clients either 1) look across a wide range of areas (mostly because inventory is so limited), 2) start off in one area and end up in a completely different neighborhood, or 3) rely on us to open their eyes to new areas that meet their needs! This is all part of the journey and our value to you! We won’t push a certain neighborhood just because we know it best or because we don’t want to drive a little farther.
We will help you find YOUR home, wherever that may be! (And, if you find a small area that we don’t know well… Don’t worry, we will tell you and help you find the best agent there!)
So, in short, regardless of where you are looking in the Bay, we’ve got your back!
On that note, the closing costs vary from county to county, so here is a breakdown across the areas we work, so you can know what to expect:
Customary Closing Costs In California (Med Res)
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