If the Definition of Home has Changed, Where Should you Put your Money?

What makes a house a home hasn’t fundamentally changed. BUT, given recent environmental changes (Thanks, COVID!), we see that people are putting increasingly more money into their home so that it can better suit their needs and become their own sanctuary.

In the market, we see a healthy premium for homes that are perfectly turn-key to today’s needs (great for sellers; hard for buyers!). As buyers get priced out and tired of bidding wars, some turn to homes that they can WIN and then make their own. Over time, they put money into these homes with the goal of making it a more enjoyable home for them / their family while also increasing the resale value — a WIN-WIN. That said, there are strategic places to put your money, and this report reveals some of those. (If you’re ever curious about your specific home… let’s chat.)

So, should you buy something turn-key or something to invest in? It all comes down to tradeoffs and what’s most important to you. (Don’t worry… we have plenty of thought exercises to help you narrow this down – your realizations may surprise you.)

At the end of the day, my job is actually not to help people buy / sell homes. My job is to empower my clients to make smart real estate decisions and investments. Owning real estate has always been a powerful wealth creation tool in this county, and now is no different, especially with what we’re seeing with inflation. Of course, timing matters, and — generally, the longer you can hold, the better! Well, that — and / or, make smart investments in your home that PAY OFF!

Speaking of smart investing… I bet you’re going to be curious about the math on the last slide! Reach out, and I’ll break it down for you – I promise it’s not “too good to be true!”


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What "makes a house a home" has not changed; most people want a safe place to live, laugh, love - and eat. Home improvement spending has been soaring as owners look to make their living spaces better suit today's needs. No one spends more on home renovation than Californians, specifically homeowners around the Bay Area and L.A. The definition of home changed, priorities shifted; investment in outdoor space and home offices increased significantly.While investing in kitchens & bathrooms is still smart, the type of home improvements with strong ROI has shifted.People are living in their homes longer, giving owners time to transform their houses into sanctuaries.Institutional investors also treat homes like any other asset; their models prioritize the highest ROI improvements, and their reach is expanding across the U.S.Compared to renting, homeownership remains a powerful wealth creation tool, and the right home improvements can further facilitate that. 

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