Does the housing market have you spooked?

does the housing market have you spooked?

It’s Halloween and things are pretty spooky… Ghosts, and gremlins, oh my… But what about the economy and housing market? The media headlines are also super spooky! Are you spooked? 

Don’t worry…we got you! Things are the scariest when you don’t have the information, data, and a trusted source of truth. We’ve been having TONS of insightful conversations with clients, breaking down the facts, the stats, and the myths…

The reality is that not everyone should be buying or selling right now (if you can help it). Everything is so unique to your personal situation. BUT, in general…if you fall into one of these categories, we’d encourage you to at least have a conversation about your circumstances, goals, and potential opportunities:

Who should consider buying right now? (1) People currently renting (if you plan to live in the same area for atleast 2 years (2) If you own now but have your eye on a more expensive property (bigger, nicer location, home versus condo, etc. (3) cash buyers
who should consider selling right now? (1) If you have your eye on a bigger or more expensive property (2) Sellers with major life changes, like a job in a new city, loss of a job, death, marriage, new baby, divorce (3) Sellers moving to a 2nd tier market where home prices have fallen more significantly

There are some opportunities out there right now for the right buyers and the right sellers…

Reach out for some of the not-so-spooky details!!

P.S. Warren Buffett once said, it is wise for investors to be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful
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